Learning Engaged: A Spotlight on the Engage Series

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ATI’s Engage Series is a first-of-its-kind, fully interactive solution that is designed to engage you and enhance your learning. Currently, our Engage Series includes Engage Fundamentals, Engage Mental Health, and Engage Community & Public Health with more on the horizon.

At ATI, we understand that students need current content and practices that focus on the need-to-know for a nurse generalist today and reduce the nice-to-know. With a more tailored scope to learning, you’ll be able to dive deeper into what you’re learning allowing for better absorption and retention with our Engage Series.

Within each of our Engage Series solutions, you’ll be working within a variety of lesson modules rather than staring endlessly at heavy textbooks. The modules within each Engage product are broken into easy-to-digest segments of content, interwoven with rich multimedia graphics, videos, and engaging activities designed to help you apply your learning in realistic situations. You’ll find clarity in consistent skills techniques with embedded videos from ATI’s Skills Modules 3.0 and through practice with active EHR documentation from ATI’s fully integrated EHR Tutor.

Special features include:

  • Segmented, easy-to-digest content
  • Clinical judgment activities
  • Hotspots
  • Remediation
  • Drag & drop
  • Concept mapping
  • Unfolding case studies
  • Videos
  • Flashcards
  • Audio pronunciation glossary
  • Quizzing and end-of-module tests with remediation
  • Case studies with active EHR documentation
  • Animations
  • Detailed step-by-step skills videos with rationales and checklists.

When will you use ATI’s Engage Series?

If your program uses it, your instructors will introduce you to either Engage Fundamentals, Engage Mental Health, or Engage Community & Public Health early in your nursing education.

How will the Engage Series help me throughout nursing school?

  • Clinical readiness
    ATI’s Engage Series will help you feel more prepared and confident for clinicals with a learning experience that seamlessly combines reading, application and clinical judgment activities, skills techniques, assessment, and remediation, all side-by-side in one place.
  • An easier way to master content
    We’ll help you master an enormous amount of fundamentals, mental health, or community and public health content. You’ll do so in an easier, faster way, with easy-to-digest content segments embedded throughout with engaging graphics, videos, animations, Next Gen NCLEX-style activities, active EHR documentation, skills videos and checklists, and tutorial-based remediation.
  • Consistency in skills techniques
    Learning is easier and less confusing across experiences in the lab, clinical, and courses, with consistent skills techniques taught throughout. ATI’s Engage Series integrates relevant skills videos and checklists from Skills Modules 3.0 so you’re learning the same content across the program.
  • An understanding of clinical judgment
    More easily identify and develop early clinical judgment skills — helping you be more prepared for clinical, practice, and the Next Gen NCLEX — with a full chapter dedicated to the clinical judgment process, and engaging activities focused on developing clinical judgment skills threaded throughout all lessons.


Why do nursing students like you love this product?

  • The variety of instruction and activities
  • The interactive features of the content
  • The ability to practice and apply knowledge in activities as they progress
  • The engagement in the content and interactive modules
  • The way in which information is broken into smaller pieces, which are easier to read and digest.

In reviews of the resource, 100% of early student adopters said:

  • They were very likely to recommend Engage Fundamentals.
  • They would support replacing their fundamentals textbook with Engage Fundamentals.
  • They felt like they learned at a deeper level with Engage Fundamentals than they did with their fundamentals textbook.

In comments, students wrote:

  • “It provides you [with] the opportunity to engage in lessons and challenges students on how much of the material they are actually retaining.”
  • “I really liked being able to do exercises during the lessons.”

View this video to learn more about what you can expect.

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