Dry Run 101: A Must-Do for TEAS Remote Exams

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Let us introduce you to an important asset in TEAS exam day preparation – the dry run.

If you’re taking a remote version of the exam, meaning you are not testing at an institution’s campus or testing center, we recommend doing a dry run to ensure that you’re ready for test day.

What’s a dry run?

A dry run is an opportunity for you to walk through the test day experience and make sure that you, your testing device, your testing space and all technical requirements are ready and met. Think of it like a dress rehearsal for your TEAS Exam.

When and where should I perform the TEAS dry run?

We recommend that you perform the TEAS dry run a few days before your exam and that you do so on the same device and, if possible, the same room that you will be using on test day.

Are there specific things that I should be checking during the dry run?  

Yes, we prepared a helpful guide to walk you through your dry run and all of the necessary checks that you need to make. Access the guide by clicking the button below!

How can I get started with a dry run?

Once you’ve purchased and registered for your ATI TEAS exam, a Dry Run Practice Assessment will be added to your ATI student portal. Here’s how to access the practice test:

  1. Simply log into your ATI account
  2. Select MY ATI
  3. Select the TEST tab and locate the Remote Proctoring Dry Run card

Need a more detailed explanation? Check out our TEAS at ATI QuickStart Guide or our TEAS Online at Institution QuickStart Guide.

Dry run, here you come! Once you’ve crossed this off your list, and of course properly prepared for the TEAS exam, you’ll be ready for exam day. If you have additional questions, the ATI TEAS FAQ Center is a great place to start. Good luck – you’ve got this.

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