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ATI is the creator of the TEAS, and we have developed some free resources to help you prepare. If you are interested in taking your prep to the next level, you can view our premium TEAS prep products here.


Master the Basics: Upcoming ATI Student Orientation Webinars

< 1 Min Read Your nursing school classes this fall might be online, in-person, or a hybrid mix. Whatever your class situation…

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6 Benefits of Scoring Higher on the ATI TEAS – Especially Your First Time

2 Min Read Maybe you’re feeling like the TEAS will be easy, so you aren’t stressed about studying yet. Or maybe…

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When Should I Start Studying for the ATI TEAS Exam?

3 Min Read The ATI TEAS Exam is an important first step in your nursing school or allied health journey, and…

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The Parent’s Guide to the ATI TEAS Exam

3 Min Read If your child is applying for nursing school, there’s a good chance they will need to take the…

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Test-Taking Strategies + Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

3 Min Read We interviewed a couple of our best nurse educators to help our students prepare for a successful finals and…

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The Most Commonly Missed Questions on the ATI TEAS Exam

2 Min Read Every year thousands of students take the ATI TEAS Exam to be admitted into nursing school. The TEAS…

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I Scored Poorly on the TEAS, Now What?

3 Min Read So you’ve just taken the ATI TEAS Exam and didn’t do as well as you had hoped. This…

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Nursing School Admissions: 5 Things to Expect

3 Min Read Congratulations! The time has come that you are finally ready to apply for nursing school and begin your…

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