6 Benefits of Scoring Higher on the ATI TEAS – Especially Your First Time

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Maybe you’re feeling like the TEAS will be easy, so you aren’t stressed about studying yet. Or maybe you’ve studied so much you don’t feel like you can soak up anything else. In any case, if you find your study motivation flagging, here are some great reasons to push through and keep working.

  1. Improve your chances of getting into your dream program: Over 30% of qualified students – the students who have met the GPA requirements, gotten the TEAS score, and so on – are turned away from nursing programs. A higher TEAS score will help you outshine the competition and secure your spot in the nursing program of your choice.
  2. Class sizes are shrinking: Competition is getting even tougher to get a spot in a nursing program. The COVID-19 situation has created even more restrictions than usual, so you can expect that class sizes will continue to shrink.
  3. That first attempt really does matter: Schools actually do pay attention to all of your TEAS scores. That means they’re looking at that first attempt as well as a second or third. Strong candidates typically have a good score on their first test attempt, and the GPA to go with it.

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  1. Attempts are limited: A lot of schools allow only two attempts on the TEAS each year. Some schools also mandate 30 days between attempts. Getting the best score you can on your first attempt means you won’t have to rush to fit in another attempt before your program’s application deadline.
  2. Testing fees can add up: The average cost of taking the TEAS exam, preparation materials, and transcript submission is around $300 in the US. Studying hard and doing well on the first attempt can help cut down on these expenses.
  3. Get that first paycheck faster: The average salary of a newly graduated Registered Nurse in the US is $63,843. If you find yourself having to delay nursing school because of a poor TEAS score, you’ll be delaying that paycheck as well.

The best thing you can do to do well on the ATI TEAS Exam is give yourself enough time to prepare. We recommend giving yourself at least six weeks of preparation to get ready for test time. All that prep time is crucial: around 40% of students end up taking the exam more than once. So buckle down and get to prepping!

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