Taking the ATI TEAS Remotely: the FAQs

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Many things in education have been significantly changed by the pandemic, from coursework to proctored tests being taken remotely. In fact, since everything changed last March, the ATI TEAS is now being taken virtually in most circumstances.

While testing may not always look like this, if you’re one of the thousands of students planning to take the ATI TEAS remotely, this post is for you. Here are some answers to the most common questions to help you feel ready to take the ATI TEAS online.

  • How can I take the TEAS remotely?
    • We’ve partnered with Proctorio in order to bring you the TEAS remotely – you can take a test just about anywhere with a strong internet connection and a PC or Mac. However, before you register for the exam, it’s important to check with the school(s) in which you are applying to ensure that you are taking the TEAS following their admissions requirements.
  • What communications will I receive?
    • You’ll receive communications from ATI and the instutitution you’ll be testing through. Look for your testing information and time and your TEAS Assessment / Product ID to come through email. You’ll also receive information about how to log into the test itself and get started.
    • It’s a good idea to save any communications you receive about the TEAS so that you can refer to them whenever you need to before your test date.
  • What’s the best way to study for taking the TEAS online?
    • Just because you’re taking the TEAS online doesn’t mean your preparation for the exam needs to be any different – the test itself is still the same. It’s important to be well prepared to take the test – 40% of TEAS takers will take the exam more than once.
    • Check out this 6-week study plan to help you prepare
  • Other than studying, how do I prep beforehand?
    • Make sure your laptop or computer is fully charged or plugged in – the last thing you want is to be unable to finish the test because your laptop battery died!
    • Have your government-issued photo ID by your computer
    • Have your assessment/product ID nearby in case it’s needed.
    • Make sure you’re by a window or in another well-lit space – the camera will need to be able to see you clearly from the shoulders up
    • You’re allowed only one blank piece of paper and pencil for notes and figuring out problems. Clean up your desk so that any other books or papers are put far away and out of sight – this is a time to bring out your best decluttering skills!
    • Log into your account at atitesting.com before your test time.
    • We recommend making sure you’re fully prepared at least a half-hour ahead of your test time so that you can start right on time with no problems.
  • What do I do at test time?
    • The communications you’ve received from ATI or your testing provider will have all the details for you!
    • Once you’re all logged in and it’s time for your test, click on the ‘Test’ tab. The TEAS test will be loaded there and ready at testing time for you to hit ‘Begin.’ If it isn’t for any reason, select ‘Add Product’ and use the assessment/product ID that you received.
    • A proctor will approve you and allow you to begin the test itself. Once that approval has happened, the Start button will appear and you’ll be able to begin.

Prepping for the remotely proctored TEAS really just boils down to making sure you’ve got the right technology, cleaning up your testing space to remove all study notes and texts, making sure you’ve got adequate light so that the camera can see you, and having things like your ID and some scratch paper ready to go. Otherwise, the prep isn’t any different than taking the TEAS in person – it all comes down to you getting the chance to show off your knowledge and earn your spot in a nursing program. Good luck! You’ve got this.

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