5 New Year’s Resolutions for Nursing Students

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The new year is upon us, which means the start of a new semester and the chance to make resolutions. With the rush of nursing school, it can be hard to slow down and set goals, but just a few minutes at the start of the year to write down your resolutions can make a difference throughout the year. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to set you in the right direction.

Get organized

With all your classes, clinicals and assignments, it can be hard to keep track of due dates and deadlines. This year, make a point to fill out a planner, keep papers in folders and set reminders on your phone. These simple tasks will help you stay organized so you can focus less on the stress of upcoming deadlines and more on your schoolwork.

Go to class

Skipping class is difficult in nursing school because of the fast-paced nature of the work. While some absences cannot be avoided, make a resolution to attend as many classes as possible. This will keep you on track for your other resolutions and help make you the best nurse you can be.

Study often

The start of the semester is a great time to start working on study habits for the year. Set a schedule, blocking out time to study and complete assignments. After a few weeks of your new schedule, studying will become a routine and won’t feel like a task.

Take time for yourself

With the stress of school, it is important to remember to take care of yourself. Taking study breaks to spend time with friends, watch a new movie or get outside can make all the difference. The less stressed you are while studying, the more information you will retain. If you are feeling exam anxiety, check out our list of test-taking strategies to make you feel more at ease.

Remember, you are not alone

Nursing school can be overwhelming, but meeting with peers and mentors can help make the process smoother. Professional mentors can provide advice and assistance throughout your time in school, clinicals and your first job. Connecting with other nursing students is another great option. Whether you choose to study in groups or not, your peers can be a great resource to you during nursing school.

With the start of a new semester and a new year, getting organized early can make all the difference. Little changes can make your time as a nursing student easier and teach you good habits for your future. Whether you’re a seasoned nursing student or this is your first or second semester, keep in mind that your hard work will pay off – and know that you got this!

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