How to Balance Day to Day Tasks and Keep Organized

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Life can be challenging to manage — especially as a student. Being task-oriented and developing routines can help you maintain balance in your life while remaining organized. No one plan fits every student, but with some guidance, you can be more efficient and productive in your day to day. Below are a few common ways to ensure you are completing tasks and staying organized.

Keep a planner

A daily planner can be a lifesaver. Having the tasks for each week written down somewhere ensures you do not forget anything. Plus, crossing off tasks gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Sit down every Sunday to write down your activities, lessons, and anything else you need to complete so you can plan your week accordingly.

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Work with a group

Working as a group to complete similar tasks can make them more fun. For example, if you need to study for the same exam as a classmate, find time to meet and develop a study plan or flash cards together. Not only does this encourage you to complete something, it can help you find time to see friends without sacrificing productivity.

Assign limits to tasks

It is important to recognize when you simply can’t complete an assignment within the time limits you’ve set for it. If you’ve spent double the expected time to complete a task, it is time to walk away and move on to the next. Coming back later with a clear head will help.

Know when to say no

With such a busy schedule, it is important to learn the word “No.” When you overextend yourself to others, you lose personal time. Making time for self-care is just as important to your productivity as anything else.

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These quick tips are just a start to understanding how to maintain a balanced and organized lifestyle. While you’re in school, and when you begin your career, it’s important to figure out what works best for you and stick with it.

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