Five Gift Ideas for the Nursing Students in your Life

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The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to start purchasing gifts. After a long couple of years, the healthcare workers in your life (yourself included) deserve something special. Here are some affordable gift ideas for the nurses and nursing students on your list. (And we won’t tell if you get a few for yourself, too!)

  1. On-the-go beverage mug/cup

From studying for finals to long hours in clinicals, coffee, tea, or another beverage can be a lifeline for many nursing students. Staying alert and awake is more important than ever during this busy holiday season, and a jolt of caffeine can be the perfect gift for the java (or Diet Coke or Earl Grey, or whatever!) lovers on your list.

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  1. Compression socks

Nurses are constantly on their feet for hours. Finding ways to stay comfortable while in motion is crucial. Sure, you could probably find a pair of these sturdy stockings in the supply room at work, but just because compression socks are functional doesn’t mean they can’t also be cute! Check out these socks that improve blood circulation and make a fashion statement, as well.

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  1. Hand cream

Dry skin is a common issue when the weather gets colder, but with nurses constantly washing and sanitizing, hands get extra dry and can even crack. A luxurious cream is the perfect solution to keep hands smooth and moisturized.

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  1. Badge clips

A nurse’s badge clip is an essential part of the daily uniform, and many nurses prefer unique designs to help them stand out in their otherwise plain scrubs. Give the nurse in your life a little flair with one of these retractable clips.

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  1. Nursing reference cards

In a hospital or clinical setting, being able to quickly access need-to-know information can be a literal lifesaver. These reference cards clip onto a nurse’s badge and contain helpful hints for formulas, ranges, processes, and more. Not only do the cards provide immediate assistance to working nurses, they’re also a great study resource for nursing students.

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These are just a few simple ideas of gifts for the nurses and nursing students in your life. And while gifts are always fun, the most important thing is to thank the nurses you know for the work they do every single day. P.S. Don’t forget to order soon, as shipping is expected to be a bit crazy this year.

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