Get Up and Go with This Morning Routine!

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Every person is different, so this routine is not an “end-all-be-all” routine. Rather, consider the tips here as some new ideas to add to your current routine or to revamp your day to day. 

Wake up early: It’s important to be alert and ready when you arrive at school or start being productive. Waking up earlier will assist you in getting over that groggy morning feeling.

10-minute self-care: There’s nothing worse than waking up and being tense or stressed for the day. Prevent this feeling with meditation, stretching, or reciting words of affirmation. Set aside 10 minutes in the morning to accomplish these activities; doing so will ensure you set your day on the right track.

Prepare the night before: Preparing everything the night before can limit in-the-moment thinking. Before hitting the sack, lay out clothing, gather materials you’ll need, and plan your meal so you can avoid having to make — or trying to make — early morning decisions. This practice also can help you feel much more prepared for the day. You’ll leave feeling confident rather that worrying about something you might need later. 

Eat: As the saying goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Before starting an intense day of learning, your brain needs fuel. When you skip breakfast, you may experience symptoms like fatigue, hunger, and loss of focus. Water is important too. So, don’t forget to hydrate. Before leaving in the morning, drink at least one glass of water and keep it up throughout the day!

While you can add or detract many steps from your morning routine, the aforementioned are a few to test and determine whether they’re successful for you.

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