Added Practice: Which ATI Products Students Are Using to Master Nursing School Content

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Attending class, paying attention to the lecture, and taking diligent notes are great ways to get started mastering all of the content that you need to learn during your time in nursing school. However, star students know that added practice is necessary to truly excel.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ATI products that students are using to master their nursing school content.

Content Mastery Assessments

Practice makes perfect, so ATI offers you a way to practice utilizing all of your knowledge in our Content Mastery Assessments. This ATI product includes valid and reliable practice assessments for all of the major content areas that are on the NCLEX.

You can improve your understanding of nursing school content by using these practice assessments to determine what you already know and what areas you might need to improve in. After each test, you will receive an individual performance report that outlines your success in each of the major content areas. You can use this report to build your own study plan or let ATI help you figure out what you need to study by utilizing a Focused Review (which we’ll talk about next).

Access your Content Mastery Series practice assessments by logging into the ATI student portal > My ATI > Test tab and selecting “practice” in the sort by ‘type’ dropdown.

*Note: More likely than not, your instructor will assign these practice assessments to you and your classmates. They may be locked until the assignment has been given.

Focused Reviews

After getting your score back from a practice assessment, knowing what content you need to spend time studying to improve can be one of the hardest parts of remediation. Luckily, ATI Focused Reviews can help alleviate some of the stress of knowing the specific content that you should be studying.

Check out this article that goes over what a Focused Review is, how you can access yours, and how you can get the most out of using one!

Learning System

Want even more practice with NCLEX-style questions? Learning Systems 3.0 is another versatile ATI product that is helping students master nursing school content. Learning System is a quiz bank that customizes quizzes to your specific needs and uses an adaptive quizzing engine that is similar to the Computerized Adaptive Testing used on the NCLEX, which can help you prepare for the exam. This cool system even includes a hint button for questions you might be stuck on.

Learning System has over 3,500 RN items and over 3,000 PN items available to test you on, so this is a great resource to use throughout your time in nursing school to help you master content! To access this product, log into the ATI student portal > My ATI > Test tab.

Want more guidance on mastering content and being successful in nursing school? Check out our blog for more nursing school tips, tricks and helpful info here.

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