Tips For Standing Out In The Crowd Of Nursing Applications

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Nursing school applications are on the rise. As you begin your application process, it’s important to remember not to be intimidated but rather see the increased competition as motivation to stand out from the crowd. Below are a few tips to stay ahead of the curve when getting ready to apply to nursing school.

Each school has different requirements. Requirements and deadlines often vary when looking at each school’s program, so pay attention to the listed dates and requested materials. Maintain one place — such as a spread sheet — of each institution’s deadline to ensure you don’t miss one. (You can also add reminders in your mobile device or computer’s calendar.) Note that aspects of these requirements will vary between entrance exams, interviews, amount of prior clinic hours, and TEAS scores. Check in with each institution’s website to stay up to date.

For tips on studying for the TEAS, check out this post, or listen to our TEAS episode on the Life in Scrubs podcast.

Competition is HIGH. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen a huge rise in nursing school applications. It’s more important than ever to make your resume stand out and differentiate yourself from others. Consider gaining more clinical hours, putting a sincere focus on earning higher test scores and grades, and request notable letters of recommendation. When you work on applications, you’ll have strong evidence of your sincerity and dedication to pursuing a nursing career.

Stay updated:

 Network. This may be one of the most important aspects of any career. Communicating with others — whether for study purposes, obtaining guidance from experts, or even just building a support system — is so important. And, who knows? Doing so may even lead to obtaining a future job or the upper hand within a program.

It’s okay to be selective. Not every school offers the same type of program, so be educated on what each school provides. Create a list of your top schools, then begin narrowing it down to which program best suits you. Consider aspects such as time and resources when homing in on programs. Research all the different opportunities to set yourself up for success.

Rejection shouldn’t defeat you. Nursing school will be a tough journey. If it were easy, then everyone would pursue it. However, because interest in the field is on the increase, rejection is right there with it. Rather than letting this defeat you, rise to the occasion and not only keep an open mind but accept the fact that you may not be accepted into your top school. Have a backup plan to ensure the best overall outcome.

 While this may be a stressful or overwhelming time in your life, know you’re not alone. You’re just at the start of your very successful career. Enjoy your journey, and don’t be nervous to ask questions; someone else is most definitely wondering the same thing!

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