7 Characteristics of a Good Nursing Student

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You should be proud of the hard work, dedication, and determination you put towards getting into nursing school. Now that you’re entering the next chapter in your medical career, you may be wondering how to become a successful nursing student. Below are 7 characteristics of a good nursing student.


Having drive and passion for the field of nursing are some of the most important aspects of a good nursing student. Because nursing school is challenging, passion for the field will help motivate you throughout your education. Passion drives success. Continuously remind yourself of your enthusiasm to help patients.

Realistic Optimism

Because it’s unlikely you’ll ace every test, it’s important to stay positive, manage your responsibilities, and put the maximum amount of effort into every aspect of nursing school. Instead of dwelling on setbacks, look for solutions and move forward.


In nursing, it is crucial to be able to quickly overcome challenges and face the next obstacle. Staying disciplined and facing challenges head on will help you obtain your goal of becoming a nurse.


Time management is a necessary skill for nursing students. It’s important to balance work and relaxation to avoid burnout. Consider things like spacing out study sessions rather than a late-night cram session before a test and keep a planner to ensure you’re staying on track while giving yourself time for self-care.


Humans are happiest when they have strong, healthy relationships. Not only does being connected with other students and teachers help you succeed, but outside friendships will too. Additionally, friendships you forge in the classroom will be crucial for creating studying groups or asking teachers for recommendations down the road.


Nurses are in the frontlines of administering and evaluating a patient’s treatment. Their career is extremely fulfilling, getting the opportunity to make a significant difference in others’ lives every day. When you find yourself feeling discouraged, remember the positive impact your actions as a nurse will have on the rest of the world.

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