6 Tips for Transitioning to At-Home Learning

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If you’re used to being in the classroom, switching to online nursing classes can come with a learning curve of its own. There are new tools to use and daily schedules to create for yourself. To make your transition a bit smoother, keep these tips in mind.

Get comfortable with your online school software: Learning management systems come with all sorts of tools. You might be able to submit your assignments, take tests, watch lecture videos, or work through problems and questions on discussion boards.

Keep communicating: You may not be able to see your instructors in person, but they still want to do everything they can to help you succeed in your work. Make sure to ask questions or discuss problems via email or any messaging system your class has adopted. You can also move your study groups online – just set a time and meet up online.

 Stay organized: Keep a planner filled with important coursework, assignment, and test dates. For some people, the ease of digital calendars and reminders is a great option. Others enjoy a paper planner with color coding and tasks than can be crossed out when done. Go with whatever system works best for you.

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Manage your time with a schedule: Time management is a critical skill when you’re taking online courses. Without the daily routine of going to a classroom, some people find it can be harder to complete your work in a timely manner. Make sure you know what work you’ll need to get completed throughout the week and set up ample time to get it all done.

Be proactive: If you run into a problem, question, or any other sort of issue, reach out to your instructor right away. Without regular class meetings, you won’t be able to simply chat after class. Be persistent, and make sure to keep asking questions until you’re sure you understand the answer.

Keep up your motivation: Sometimes when you’re missing the classroom or sense of community that comes with going through a nursing education program, it can be hard to find the motivation to study. Try being active or going outside – get whatever change of scenery you can – and remind yourself of all the reasons you wanted to become a nurse in the first place. If it helps, write those reasons down and keep them on your desk to reference on hard days. Have a digital coffee talk with a friend or fellow nursing student to talk through your frustrations.

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The first few weeks may not be the easiest as you figure out how to settle in to your new normal. These tips should help you find that new routine faster so that you can complete your nursing education online with confidence.

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